Loads and loads of painting

So I have a house. From the original viewing I somehow thought all the walls were pretty neutral and cream. I was wrong. It seemed I missed both a blue and a pink wall. The cream was also either a dirty white or badly painted so rather than having little to no painting to do before adding my stamp I ended up buying a shit load of paint.

My cream streaky bathroom is now English Sage Green and grey.

My dirty white and blue living room is now cream and moss green.

My badly painted cream and disgusting pink bedroom is now a bright teal and..erm still not finished, I still have 2 cream walls to paint)

And my small Blue kitchen…well I haven’t got round to that but it’s likely to end up grey and cream…mainly to use up the excess paint.

Oh and my ‘sewing room’. Well that’s currently my friends bedroom as I have temporary house guests 🙂 Maybe I this is my excuse for no sewing of late…but then I’ve never had a sewing room before either.

Cuba and buying a house

So over the last few months I’ve been pretty busy and have had no time to sew anything new at all.

Firstly I went to Cuba for 3 weeks, I had been really looking forward to this but honestly it was a little under whelming. Apart from all the rum that is! And this absolutely amazing kitchen!

Whilst I was there my house also took a unexpected turn towards a speedy completion date which meant I ended up having to spend a small fortune on text messages and trying to get on the internet. It was exciting but being in Cuba at the time made it all the more stressful. I ended up with a completion date of less than a week after returning home. Which meant the usual unpacking a washing after a holiday turned into a nightmare of packing up the entire house. BUT when I got my keys it was worth it!

I spent my first night there on an inflatable mattress in the living room before getting David to hire a van the next day for a trip to Ikea, a trip to Teesside and then a really stressful move from my old house I didn’t really finish the packing so was packing as David loaded the van. I’m lucky he didn’t kill me. But by the Saturday evening I was all moved in and sat on my living room floor surrounded in boxes, drinking Prosecco 🙂

Butterick 4758 – Number 4! Sci-fi party outfit.

Whilst i was making number 3 of this dress, I was busy thinking away as to what I could where for an upcoming sci-fi fancy dress party this Saturday. usually i like to make something however I ended up just googling fancy dress costumes when I came across a load of steam punk costumes. Steam punk involves top hats. I’m obsessed with top hats. Now that I had a theme in mind I figured I could easily make a brown and black stripy dress, As I can limited time, I figured making A dress I’d made before was the way to go. The only issue was finding black and brown stripy fabric so had to settle on brown with white dots.


This dress only took a day to make (I had to put it on hold whilst waiting for more lining fabric to arrive). I made one more slight change to the fit and took a little more fabric out of the shoulder seam but only for the back sections which made a world of difference.

After 4 attempts the fit is now (almost) spot on!

Butterick 4758 – Third attempt

So for my third attempt I decided to use this green and cream ticking stripe that I kept looking at on the local fabric market store. Mainly as I have a pretty huge obsession with green, but also as I thought it would be a little more summary than my usual fabric choices.

photo copy 2

I decided to go for a gathered skirt again rather than the circle so that I could have the vertical stripes on the bodice and horizontal on the skirt. It’s also much quicker to hem! The entire dress was assembled much quicker than the previous 2 since I didn’t have to refer to the instructions and already had my pattern pieces copied and cut out.

This time I remembered to take the dress in at the shoulders and also a bit under the arms and it definitely was an improvement. So much so that the guys at work who liked giving me ‘constructive criticism’ in order to improve my skills thought I had bought it ‘as it fitted properly’. Suppose that’s a compliment!

So glad I’ve finally got the fit right, Now do I make another from this pattern or try another?

Butterick 5748 – Second attempt

So for my second attempt at this dress I decided to use up a navy bow and swallow print cotton which I’d bought having no idea what I’d use it for.

photo copy

This time I made a size 16 with a higher neck and a gathered skirt and it definitely fits better…unfortunately I made the same mistake again with the shoulder seams and yet again will need to take this in…again as a messy afterthought.

I had considered doing this earlier however with the smaller size figured it wouldn’t be needed. I was wrong.

I’m off to make another. Practice makes perfect and all that!

Butterick 5748 – first attempt

Last time a sewed, I made a wiggle dress. It seems wiggle dresses do nothing for me with my lack of hips and large stride when I walk (I’m always late) so I kinda gave up on sewing outfits and went back to buying them… Last week I decided to give dress making another go. I decided to try the Butterick B4748 as the skirt is much more like the usual I buy and then found this  amazing cream Woodland print cotton.


However I  decided to make a practice version first using a black and white polka dot fabric I’d bought last time i decided I was going to make all my clothes so that I could make my mistakes on a cheaper fabric that was just sat in my stash. I’m glad I did, whilst this dress is more than wearable I made the size 18 (vintage sizing) which turned out to be far too big, I took in the sides and back of the bodice however this has meant that the front neckline now gapes. It is also a little lower than I’d wanted which I don’t think is a flattering neckline for me so as an after thought I also took in the shoulder seams…unfortunately not until it was finished so shoulder seams now fit on top of the lining 😦 Suppose I’ll to make a second practice dress in a size 16 and with a higher front. It will be a good stash busting exercise at least!


So I went to Berlin at the beginning of the month as everyone kept telling how great it was. It seems they they were all right! I loved it! especially all of the street art which was everywhere. Just a shame it’s obvious that over the years this will give way to large corporations and money.

My favorite piece of street art that I saw was this pelican which was made out of old car and bike parts on the side of a storage crate.


I also really liked the paste ups by El Bocho which are a character called Little Lucy who kills her cat in loads of different ways. Supposedly this is based on a  Czech Communist TV show called Little Lucy but with a twist of her killing the cat rather than just going on walks etc. I’ve searched the internet high and low to find the original but with no joy 😦

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